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Saturday, July 10, 2010


I’ve been through wars out being killed.
I’ve seen all kinds of killings with out going insane.
I’ve been tortured with out seeking revenge.
I’ve been raped but still find forgiveness in my heart.
I’ve been in starvations but helped others with out greed.
I was broken hearted but have no anger or hate.
I’ve lost all hopes but refused to break down and give up.
I have no Wealth but vowed not to steal.

I am a survivor of all things…..I’m who God made to be.......

I’m loving, caring, understanding, and I’m kind.
I’m sweet and I’m polite.
I’m lucky I'm loved by someone.

This one was inspired by many sad stories and by many whom I met that been through Hell, and yet some how they are peaceful and kind hearted…..this poem represent SOMALY MAM.

Somaly Mam is a true inspiration to all.
No Educations, was sold into prostitutions, poor, un-wanted, disrespected by the Khmer Society she rise, the founder of SomalyMam Foundation. The organization helps thousands, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thai, and Laos, and more.......


  1. she inspired me, most of us would lost our minds and she came out so strong and kind.
    I've heard of her work.

    i love her and your poem describe her so well.

  2. Hello there,

    I really appreciated your feed back, and yes, her stories are the inspirations of this poem.

    Thanks, Sandra :)


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