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Sunday, August 12, 2012

When I Think Of You

My heartache begins when you soak into my veins... and
throbbing pain gets stronger because I miss you tonight, 

Normally liquors can help me forget you when I'm too tired to fight.
I can usually drink you right off of my mind,
But tonight the damn Gin, Bourbon or Brandy...and every liquor taste like wine.
Even Whiskey, Tequila, Vodka, and Rum couldn’t numb me.
Everything we were, everything we once had,
All the sweet memories linger in my head…
I can normally drown you out with a radio on,
But tonight I can’t get in-tune with any damn songs.
I wished that I’m dreaming as the memories plays through…

Darling, will you ever know that my soul is dying as I await you?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Drifting with the Wind

Drifting and hiding from North to South, East to West… try to figure out what’s best.
Drifting with the wind doesn’t need a runway, a lonesome being flying away…
But a sacred light brightens the way… a romance path leading her to stay.
Emotionally she’s ready to love again, and she’ll set sail love of a life time.

You see!! Secretly, verbally she whispers love...
A parrot once told me, in a comfort zone she speaks freely.

"A Love that brings out the impatient in me, much love for you I cant set my mind free.
A worrisome of things I can’t foresee…the distant between us what worries me.

The thought of loving you keeps me awake and restless... my love for you keeps me sleepless,
A daily prayer to God and Goddesses selfishly; armed with sincere love I await your pity.
Thought I can let go by occupied time with things to do…
But meeting strangers can’t ease my mind, surfing the net and being online brings me here to you.
A soaring tour from a helicopter, a tour on a deep-sea cruise,

Or a simple drive on a winding road with impeccable view... Even a difficult climb on the rolling hills couldn’t stop me from missing you."

Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Invisible Butterflies

Why am I feeling sad…if there’s no one to upset me or make me mad?
What is the meaning, if I see your face in the myth of the raining cloud?
But there’s always sunshine when I looked south.
All of the mix up emotions…I’m not sure, what it’s all about.
Could it be the so called “Beautiful Mess?”
Will there be a Typhoon or a big Hurricane?
Will it blows me away or cure my emotional pain?
Or will it put me on the South-bound lane?
But if the currents stop to drop me near…will I find you there?
What if it takes me to 27th street, what would you say to greet?
Would you say “Hello” and shake my hand then walk away?
Would you give me a hug and hold me tight, would you ask me to stay?
The “Invisible Butterfly” drives me insane…what will cure this kind of pain?

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I’m a little bit stronger, I’m glad didn’t hold on a bit longer.
Even my heart is telling me to stay... but I was born a fighter even on my weakest day.
Fights with you is all I’ve ever known, you’ve come and gone while I’m crying all alone.
A fight that makes me sees... I’ve been missing a better half of me.
A fight for Love lost in the beauty of everything I see... my love was lost in the world of fantasy.
All I see is you and me, even when there’s a war between a fantasy and reality.
But I’m tired of justifies, and I'm done with hearing my heart cries….
One last fight was all I needed; to see that this world isn’t as good as I paint it to be…
Well, the world is waiting for me whether it shine or rain... somewhere out there I will feel a little less pain.
But going to bed with a broken heart and hear it cries, it is hard to ignore… it need to be justified.
I was born a fighter and I refused to be defeated… with a broken heart I can hardly sleep.
So I rolled out of bed and onto my knees…for a moment there I can hardly breathe.
Then I pick up the broken pieces as I feel my heart bleeds… my eyes filled up with tears as I weep.
While the world is fast spinning, I'm in my room holding on to my heart as it's slowly stop bleeding.
A one way love isn’t worth anything, I'm going to pack my bag and keep on moving.
Today I’m going to walk with my head up high cause I’ve got no more tears to cry.
Today I'm going to let you go, cause I’m thru with all of the “Holding it in" and I’m going to start living.
A life time misery is cured by the courage you’ve given me,
The love we’ve once shared came to an end that sets me free.
The kisses that you’ve sent gave me giggles and smiles...
but if you look up you’ll see them scattered across the sky, Its all that’s left for us to mesmerize...
Thank you for the “Life” you’ve given me, Thank you for the “Worries-free”
Thank you for all that you've done, Thank you for the “lesson” that helps me sees.
And here are the last thanks from me.
Inspired by the sadness of a brown-eyed girl and a Struggled Love of a couple
requested by you

Friday, January 13, 2012

Sad Day For The Livings

What is a sad day for the livings, the innocent loss and the bad guys win.
He looks at peace but how was he before he died, his love ones are left to cry….
No one has heard or seen anything.... till the Sun rise high in morning.
This is Life in a poor country, nothing is filtered nor rated.
This is how The Corrupted rolls in an Un-regulated country,
Where all the Out-Law roams around on the Killing spree.
Some say “Life is cheap” in the Khmer Country,
But personally,
"Life is not to be tagged…Mountains of diamonds or Oceans of money,
Human life CAN'T be bought although it was given free.
But the Bads, the Cruels will rob a Life from you and me;
They’re the Greed and the Needy…they do things blind and selfishly."
In this ignorant world if I'm granted 3 wishes, I would wish for.....
NOT for Diamonds, Gold, or Money,
But to eliminates the Cruels, the Bads, and the Greedys.
I'll grand the Innocents and Poor with Peace, Harmony, and worries free.
Last thing I'd wish for is, for us to Love and Protect one another for eternity.

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