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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The “Father’s LOVE” That We Found

Thanks to the answered prayer from the angle up above,
A broken family is fixed by a man’s LOVE.
His love has comfort  us when things went wrong, thanks for leaving the light on.
Thanks to the love that shows, when we're lost we can always see it glow.
His love is what we need; it’s a Gift that keeps our feelings flow.
 If it seemed we never show, today we want you to know.
Deep in our hearts we treasure…
From the Ice Cream Shop we stop for the treats.
From a “Hole in the wall”, to fancy places we stop to eat.
From the simple Picnics we had in the park, to the short walks along the beach.
The simple drive from Frisco to LA, to the trips we made on the holidays.
From the smelly cow poop we passed on the way,
To All the things we did and where we stayed.
From Amusement Park rides we had with you, to all the fun and Disney views.
The games we played to the things that mom said out of the blue,
Things she said were amused…
SRB. Thank you for wrapping me up after my surgery.
           Thank you for cleaning my pus when there’s just you and me.
           Thank you for taking me everywhere, and thank you for your care
           Thank you for everything you do...especially, for The Blue Angle Crew.
MRB. Thank you for leaving the lights on for me to see my way home to you
           Thank you Matt, for everything that you do.
JLA. I don’t know much but I know I love you…..Grandpa and Babes too.
Today is Father’s Day and we’re proud to stay because we want to celebrate it with you.
Thank you for being The Father, we know you didn’t have to...Thank God for sending us straight to you.
We celebrate with all respect from us to you, for all the things you ‘ve done and will do.
We haven’t said much but this is our way of saying how much we appreciate you.
Here’s a Father’s Day Card from us to you...
Happy Father’s Day..... :) :)

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