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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


(What does bitter sweet taste like?)

When he walks in through the bedroom door,
I was standing there on the bedroom floor.
He takes my hands, and then he say…
“Today we are through and I want to part way”
Before he was done, I fell to the floor; I cried with pain, he walked out the door...
Life that we had, there will be no more.
As he walked away, the butterfly kicks in; as I say good-bye I feel the chills on my skin.

As the moon falls, my sadness begins.

Then I gaze away and I see the color of the rising Sun
One came to an end…another will begin.

Inspired by many stories that Ends with sadness, hidden somewhere is a happy beginnings awaits us in the circle of Life.
Just like the MOON and the SUN ……


  1. it is ver sad but true

  2. hey there, how are you? thank you for your time and support. hey! happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

    Happy holiday, Sandra


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