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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I kiss you just to taste your sweet lips.
I kiss you to tickle and see how you move your hip.
I kiss you to feel your hidden tenderness.
I kiss w/ passion just to define your desires.
I kiss just to feel your heart beats fast and slow.
The Kisses that I do because I adore.
Everywhere in between high and low…
My kissed flow from your head to your toes.

This is how lover's kiss flows.

It is inspired by a daring game of an out-done one another on an intimate/romance event. So, I came up with this Rated “E” but aimed to win the daring game of such.


I’ll be the rain drop from the dark gray sky…
I’ll be the water in the Lake and the River…
The water that drift on down to the bearing Sea…
I’ll be the water that slides on your back.
I’ll be the water that you’ll bathe in…
I’ll be the water that gently touches your skin….
I’ll be the water that touches you inside and out…
I’ll be the Drop of water that keeps your from thirst.

Inspired by the picture and the gently embraced by the water. :) we all have the Desire to be close to someone....in life.   This is as close as the "Close" itself.   :) :) 


In the cold winter morning, I came home to an empty house…
I routinely checked the down stair floor…
I went to open my son’s bed room door just make sure….
I walked around from the ground onto the 2nd floor…
I Open the 2nd, the 3rd and onto the bedroom number four…
I Wish when I open, there will be someone with his feet against the floor….
I opened the door, standing there was no one and now know for sure.
I went to open the sliding door, to my surprise there was something for me to adore….
As I was standing there to embrace myself under the morning sun,
I was watching the moon that refused to sink, it standinds against the rising SUN....
With my camera, I captured the Moon and the Sun…
In the cold winter morning, I embraced myself under the Sun and the Moon.

Inspired by the MOON, I hang on to life just a bit longer and the Victory that my mind captured


(What does bitter sweet taste like?)

When he walks in through the bedroom door,
I was standing there on the bedroom floor.
He takes my hands, and then he say…
“Today we are through and I want to part way”
Before he was done, I fell to the floor; I cried with pain, he walked out the door...
Life that we had, there will be no more.
As he walked away, the butterfly kicks in; as I say good-bye I feel the chills on my skin.

As the moon falls, my sadness begins.

Then I gaze away and I see the color of the rising Sun
One came to an end…another will begin.

Inspired by many stories that Ends with sadness, hidden somewhere is a happy beginnings awaits us in the circle of Life.
Just like the MOON and the SUN ……


You are the rain drop that keeps me alive.
You give me reasons to want to survive.
You are the sun light that helps me grow.

You are the wind blow that makes me bend.
You give me reasons to find my strength.
You are the reasons that make me strong.

You are the tool that prolong life.
You are the Sunshine that I long for every single day.

Inspired by the picture and Life it self

Sunday, July 11, 2010


I am fat because I love food…
I am fat so demand for lots…
I am fat and I am HOT….
I am fat and that’s ok…
In the winter storm there’ll be A may-day…
You’ll need me to keep you warm…
The FAT in me will be your HERO in the winter storm….

this picture was sent with the request by TWO folks, one asked for a poem and other asked to keep the offensive factors in mind; so to please both here is what I came up with.

Please!!!! Remember that I don't mean to offend anyone, and that all my writing will be base on Facts, Childhood memories, and what inspired me to write......
Thank you for your time, and your understanding, Sandra

Saturday, July 10, 2010


When I said go, he said No….
When I said “I’m hungry”, he said “me too & I must eat”
When I lead he would gets in the way…
On the pasture he eats as we sway
When I turned Left, he turned Right….
We both tired, and end up in a fight…
Before I knew it, we were in the mud….
He pushed me, and I pushed him…
But I win because I am a human….

Inspired by the picture of myself when I was younger and the fun that the herd & I had back then.


Seeing the picture tricks my mind …
I can see so clear even if I was to be blind…
You and I, we can read each other eyes to eyes…
We were young and we never have plan…
So we decided to tag along with the Klan….
We were roaming around and worried free….
Our playground was The Farm Vill. scenery…
We run like a wallaby, we throw our self like a Frisbees…
We innocent and always looking for fun…
Leech got someone when he fall into the mud…
And we fight each other because we were the studs….

Ok. Here it go…Inspired by the picture, reminded by childhood fun, and encourage by your request…….hope you like it


I’ve been through wars out being killed.
I’ve seen all kinds of killings with out going insane.
I’ve been tortured with out seeking revenge.
I’ve been raped but still find forgiveness in my heart.
I’ve been in starvations but helped others with out greed.
I was broken hearted but have no anger or hate.
I’ve lost all hopes but refused to break down and give up.
I have no Wealth but vowed not to steal.

I am a survivor of all things…..I’m who God made to be.......

I’m loving, caring, understanding, and I’m kind.
I’m sweet and I’m polite.
I’m lucky I'm loved by someone.

This one was inspired by many sad stories and by many whom I met that been through Hell, and yet some how they are peaceful and kind hearted…..this poem represent SOMALY MAM.

Somaly Mam is a true inspiration to all.
No Educations, was sold into prostitutions, poor, un-wanted, disrespected by the Khmer Society she rise, the founder of SomalyMam Foundation. The organization helps thousands, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thai, and Laos, and more.......


If you do not abuse me, I will not abuse you…
However, if you do, you will be amuse of what I will do….
Abuse and I are not best friends…
Please promis, don’t let the Abused back again…
If you do, the abuse will become your best friend….
Now you're aware that the abuse might be my best defense….
You will regret the things that you have done when I reprimand….
Therefore, you might want to change & become my best friend….

Inspired by the ABUSED facts around the world, and Encouraged with your request
A child was beaten to death.

Some time the Abusers becomes victim themselves when they pushed it too far.

Please DO NOT push me too far or you will regret what you’ve done, I will NOT kill you but I will paralyzed you for life.

Friday, July 2, 2010


Look at the Rich versus the Poor...
Life in the City and Life in the rural...
The Rich have everything they want, with greed they still want more...
The Poor have not enough to eat, even if they search the dirt floor...
These are the things that the poor have to endure...
They search the city and rual just to find more...
this is the Life of the Poor; they live with hungers and horrors.

You can help the poor by “Not” eating out just one weekend. You expense of a weekend’s meal at a Restaruant can feed this mother & son, father & son, OR sister & brother one month. Please help feed the poor in any way you can.

Due to the GREEDY Prime Minister of Cambodia, the POOR suffers more than they already have.
Below is the family of a GREEDY Cambodian Prime Minister -Hun Sen.

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