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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


In the cold winter morning, I came home to an empty house…
I routinely checked the down stair floor…
I went to open my son’s bed room door just make sure….
I walked around from the ground onto the 2nd floor…
I Open the 2nd, the 3rd and onto the bedroom number four…
I Wish when I open, there will be someone with his feet against the floor….
I opened the door, standing there was no one and now know for sure.
I went to open the sliding door, to my surprise there was something for me to adore….
As I was standing there to embrace myself under the morning sun,
I was watching the moon that refused to sink, it standinds against the rising SUN....
With my camera, I captured the Moon and the Sun…
In the cold winter morning, I embraced myself under the Sun and the Moon.

Inspired by the MOON, I hang on to life just a bit longer and the Victory that my mind captured

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  1. Aww... how sad, the scenes in the pic. Should be romantic but poor thing endured just the opposite.

    I'm so sorry


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