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Thursday, November 24, 2011

You're My Inspiration

You’re my inspiration… you’re my soul;
You’re the motivations that had me set a Lifetime Goal.
You need someone and I need you to hold, I need you here with me when I grow old.
When I think of you takes away my fear, because thinking of you takes me elsewhere;
I can feel you near when my world is falling apart, you makes me see when there’s no light to break up the dark.
You’re the prize that keeps me reaching for the wins; you’re the fire that keeps me thriving.
You’re the reasons behind my coming home; because when I get there I know I won’t be alone.
I’ll travel the miles no matter how far and if I get lost I’ll follow the star…
If I can see you will make me happy, we'll travel the miles from city to city.
But you’re a world apart I can not see; life with out you near isn’t easy.

Inspired by the lonesomeness of the picture

Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Lonely Heart

Another cloudy day, my loneliness has comes and gone a way...
Nothing seems to exists but emptiness and nightly pray.
Sitting here thinking of you, thinking of someone I had never knew...
Thinking of someone to love and to share my personal point of views.
Thinking of you makes me crazy but thinking you set my mind free,
And it is you who keeps me wishing, you’re everything that keeps me going.
You’re my Wishing start, I'd travel the miles no matter how far.
Though it maybe only exists in that special few, but I will search the world just to find you.
In a perfect love quest, I’d lay my head down on your chest.
Listening to your heart would jumpstart mine… you’ll be happy and I’ll be fine.
If I can have anything in the world, I’d rather have you instead of gold, diamonds, and pearls
A bit of beauty would be a plus, but I’d prefer a personality over the rest.
I can deal with bad news all day, knowing I’d come home to you would make me Ok.
If I can have anything new, I'd do anything just to have you as my nightly view.
Darling! My compassion, affection and tenderness await you.
We’d snuggle under the moonlight, you’d pull me close and I’d hold you tight.
My feelings all balled up inside, it is awaits you to help me untie.....
But I’m living someone else’s life, its like I stepped outside and nothing is going right.
In a crowded world I’m surrounded by million lives, but there’s not one that can make me smile.
In a room full of others but I’m still feeling all alone, why can’t I have a sweetheart to call my own?
My loneliness long overdue; I’m yearning for love from someone like you.
In a room with all the beauty, but not one that match my personality.
If she hasn’t been born and there’s no one for me please set my mind free.
But if she’s somewhere near, please let her love overcomes my regrets and fears.
Yearning of Falling in-love and growing old, thinking of life with out you my world is going cold.
If I can find you would make me happy but I loss all bets in life, that is my reality.
It is inspired by a request from someone with a lonely heart.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Is Life A Precious Gift?:

When life a bit too hard, I take a deep breath shakes it off and goes back to a start.
Sometime life makes me crazy, but I love deep and hate free.
I sometime see that life is nothing but easy, and I'm Grateful for the beauty of god’s creativities.
I tried not to be needy, and appreciate the simplicity...
Sometime I give up when I gave a blank stare, although I have much care.
But Life is forever changing; I barely have a grip on anything.
Living life in a complex situation, when in doubt here's what I questioned...
Is romance and love a beautiful bliss? Is it chemistry or is it a gift?
Dose romance truly exists or is it just a myth?
If I kneel down to pray and say “I’m sorry”, will life gets any easy?
Lord, Please!! Come to rescue me, if you can please set my mind free.
Life is like a fast moving curve ball; from day to day I never knew where it might fall.
A complex life that I live, I tried my best to think of it as a precious Gift.
I always have this broader view, but you never appreciate me for the things that I do.
My sincere caring is unnoticed, but can’t you see what I'm dealing with is rarely exists?
And all I want is to be appreciated and praised by you from time to time.
There’s no need to understand, but please listen with your open mind.
Living life is a complex thing to do… that is my experienced and point of view.

Inspired y the complexity of a human mind. We can listen but could never fully understand.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The “Father’s LOVE” That We Found

Thanks to the answered prayer from the angle up above,
A broken family is fixed by a man’s LOVE.
His love has comfort  us when things went wrong, thanks for leaving the light on.
Thanks to the love that shows, when we're lost we can always see it glow.
His love is what we need; it’s a Gift that keeps our feelings flow.
 If it seemed we never show, today we want you to know.
Deep in our hearts we treasure…
From the Ice Cream Shop we stop for the treats.
From a “Hole in the wall”, to fancy places we stop to eat.
From the simple Picnics we had in the park, to the short walks along the beach.
The simple drive from Frisco to LA, to the trips we made on the holidays.
From the smelly cow poop we passed on the way,
To All the things we did and where we stayed.
From Amusement Park rides we had with you, to all the fun and Disney views.
The games we played to the things that mom said out of the blue,
Things she said were amused…
SRB. Thank you for wrapping me up after my surgery.
           Thank you for cleaning my pus when there’s just you and me.
           Thank you for taking me everywhere, and thank you for your care
           Thank you for everything you do...especially, for The Blue Angle Crew.
MRB. Thank you for leaving the lights on for me to see my way home to you
           Thank you Matt, for everything that you do.
JLA. I don’t know much but I know I love you…..Grandpa and Babes too.
Today is Father’s Day and we’re proud to stay because we want to celebrate it with you.
Thank you for being The Father, we know you didn’t have to...Thank God for sending us straight to you.
We celebrate with all respect from us to you, for all the things you ‘ve done and will do.
We haven’t said much but this is our way of saying how much we appreciate you.
Here’s a Father’s Day Card from us to you...
Happy Father’s Day..... :) :)

Monday, February 7, 2011


Alzheimer is a disease that got you in your old age day.
Years a go I was called, and told that you were found walking along I-5 Highway,
Even in your own home you’d get lost every single day.
Months after you were looking around in a long hallway,
I’d see you suffer, and picked you up when you can’t find your way.
Years has past, last month we checked you into the Hospital.
We were told “the most you’d have is 1month or a couple weeks to live”
Due to your Bodily Functions have nothing more to give...
I knew your time would come, and the Grim Reaper is near.
But In spite of what I knew, I still chase the Grim Reaper with nightly prayers….
Then At 9:45am On a Sunday morning I was told “8:50am” was when you passed away,
On the very day I was to visit you at where you stay.
Now and forever I could only hope and pray....
And I know you would find your way to "The Man" of all Creation,
But I hope you’d know that you are missed by everyone.
If there are holes on the floor of Haven, I know I’d see you fain
and you'd be one that helps God pour out the rain.
Lord! Please, let him be the Angel that washes away our pain.
I love you my dearest, Sandra
my emptyness, sadness and my very own personal loss   :(

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Sad Blue Tears Of A Brown. Eyed Girl

Las Vegas, NV. Was where I cried, in the year of 2005.
At home in a "Yesteryear" I was left with a Key to the car,
Then I was told when you left and where you are.
I went in the room to hide but in the closet was where I cried,
I hung on to our sweet memories; I cried and prayed for sympathy.
But Hell broke lose and fell from the sky, why must it fall on me? Lord!! Why?
The problem wasn't me so, Haven helped me see an angel in disguise.
Then I tried to move on and live life... on the way home in the car with CY,
In an evening from a far, in an orange sky he sited a star.
Then he said.....

"Mom, you can wish up on the shining star"
"I am wishing Son! And what are you wishing for?"
"I wish for Dad to come home, that is my wish on the star"
"Why does Dad have to work so far?"
"If he’s home, he'd help me put up the Christmas tree."

I was all chocked up... because the truth lies deep inside me.
In the end it was only CY and me under the Christmas tree.
Just today I found a Christmas "Note" under the Accessories,
in the month of December it was given to me.
Now and forever it will be an Ornament for our yearly Christmas tree.
And this is what it said....
"Have a happy Christmas Mom, Dad, and Gandma" Love, CY 12/08/2005.

Then, was when her sad blue tears caught a ride to the sea,
What’s left was a reminder, the yearly Christmas tree and her memories.
Long a go was when she cried tears of sorrow, but there won’t be today or tomorrow.
This is a story of......
A Brown Eyed Girl with a lovely son, and the sad blue tears that caused by someone. 

I hope I capture those moments and hope your story inspires others to move on and "Live" life as you do.Here it is, inspired by your story and request 12/15/2010.

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