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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


If I could paint this Pain out of my chest,
Just the BAD memories but not all the rest….
I’d do it in Black, Red, Purple, Yellow, and Blue….
BLACK for HELL that we’ve all been through….
These are the things that I once knew, mental pain and others too…
But mental pain I wish I can undo…
Physical pains of Blacks and Blues has faded away…
But mental pain that I once knew won‘t go away…
These pains will stay till Angel close my eyes…

A painful cries of a man as he endure the loss of his relative after being bombed.
When one is talking about the bad memories, you most likely will see all the pain that they held inside. So, here is a dedications to the painful moments.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


I don’t know LOVE, but this much I know…

Love is joy, Love is pain
Love is a tie that can’t be unchained
Love is a bug that drives you insane
Love will make you cry in pain
Love is how you feel.... It’s a demand from your Heart & Brain.
Once you find love, you’ll never feel the same…
At times you’ll feel trap; like picture that is framed…
Love is a feeling from one to another though you're not the same
And only Love will free your remains...

Inspired by a question about LOVE

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