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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Sad Blue Tears Of A Brown. Eyed Girl

Las Vegas, NV. Was where I cried, in the year of 2005.
At home in a "Yesteryear" I was left with a Key to the car,
Then I was told when you left and where you are.
I went in the room to hide but in the closet was where I cried,
I hung on to our sweet memories; I cried and prayed for sympathy.
But Hell broke lose and fell from the sky, why must it fall on me? Lord!! Why?
The problem wasn't me so, Haven helped me see an angel in disguise.
Then I tried to move on and live life... on the way home in the car with CY,
In an evening from a far, in an orange sky he sited a star.
Then he said.....

"Mom, you can wish up on the shining star"
"I am wishing Son! And what are you wishing for?"
"I wish for Dad to come home, that is my wish on the star"
"Why does Dad have to work so far?"
"If he’s home, he'd help me put up the Christmas tree."

I was all chocked up... because the truth lies deep inside me.
In the end it was only CY and me under the Christmas tree.
Just today I found a Christmas "Note" under the Accessories,
in the month of December it was given to me.
Now and forever it will be an Ornament for our yearly Christmas tree.
And this is what it said....
"Have a happy Christmas Mom, Dad, and Gandma" Love, CY 12/08/2005.

Then, was when her sad blue tears caught a ride to the sea,
What’s left was a reminder, the yearly Christmas tree and her memories.
Long a go was when she cried tears of sorrow, but there won’t be today or tomorrow.
This is a story of......
A Brown Eyed Girl with a lovely son, and the sad blue tears that caused by someone. 

I hope I capture those moments and hope your story inspires others to move on and "Live" life as you do.Here it is, inspired by your story and request 12/15/2010.

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