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Friday, October 22, 2010

Your past will Break or Make your future

The past will make you laugh but it can also make you cry.
The past will make you sad, mad, angry, and happy too.
The past will make you live OR it will make you die...
Folks! This is for you to decide,
But if you live your past your future dies…
Your past will hold you down and make you cries.
The past is a path that never stays, but the past will make us wise.
The past is a one way you could never turn, you can only live and learn.
The past was there to teach us life, it teaches us all how to survive.

It is inspired by a young girl and those who’s struggle to move on, because their innocent had been robbed.
DO NOT live your past, but rather learn from your past, to be kind, caring, loving and to live life.  So, please live for today, hope for tomorrow and let your past dies.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Hey there beautiful butterfly!
How do you do when you fly?
Can you take me up into the clear blue sky?
I wish to see with my own eyes.
High up in the sky I will have the butterfly's view.
I know I will see all the hidden surprise.
Butterfly! Will you and I be soaring through the clear blue sky?
Please, don’t be shy and don’t fly away cause I am here to stay.

Inspired by the instinct to camouflage from birth.


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