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Saturday, July 10, 2010


If you do not abuse me, I will not abuse you…
However, if you do, you will be amuse of what I will do….
Abuse and I are not best friends…
Please promis, don’t let the Abused back again…
If you do, the abuse will become your best friend….
Now you're aware that the abuse might be my best defense….
You will regret the things that you have done when I reprimand….
Therefore, you might want to change & become my best friend….

Inspired by the ABUSED facts around the world, and Encouraged with your request
A child was beaten to death.

Some time the Abusers becomes victim themselves when they pushed it too far.

Please DO NOT push me too far or you will regret what you’ve done, I will NOT kill you but I will paralyzed you for life.


  1. sad, it is true sometime long ago i saw on the news. a man abused his wife and kids for so long and then one she couldn't take anymore and shot, he paralyzed

    if you hear just his side you'll feel sad for him but the truth he did it to himself.

  2. With your poems magnifying the issues, it grabs my attentions and hopefully the world will see.

  3. Hello to all of my visitors,

    thank you all very much for your feed back and time.

    I want and wish the best for all beings.

    thank you, Sandra :)


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