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Friday, July 2, 2010


Look at the Rich versus the Poor...
Life in the City and Life in the rural...
The Rich have everything they want, with greed they still want more...
The Poor have not enough to eat, even if they search the dirt floor...
These are the things that the poor have to endure...
They search the city and rual just to find more...
this is the Life of the Poor; they live with hungers and horrors.

You can help the poor by “Not” eating out just one weekend. You expense of a weekend’s meal at a Restaruant can feed this mother & son, father & son, OR sister & brother one month. Please help feed the poor in any way you can.

Due to the GREEDY Prime Minister of Cambodia, the POOR suffers more than they already have.
Below is the family of a GREEDY Cambodian Prime Minister -Hun Sen.


  1. I've read this on the news all the time not touch by it.

    see stuff like this I read but not pay much attentions to it but your poems magnifying the issues and profoundly describes the hungers, and it grabs my attentions and hopefully the world will see.

    Have you ever thought of putting these in a book? You are obviously good at this.


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