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Thursday, November 24, 2011

You're My Inspiration

You’re my inspiration… you’re my soul;
You’re the motivations that had me set a Lifetime Goal.
You need someone and I need you to hold, I need you here with me when I grow old.
When I think of you takes away my fear, because thinking of you takes me elsewhere;
I can feel you near when my world is falling apart, you makes me see when there’s no light to break up the dark.
You’re the prize that keeps me reaching for the wins; you’re the fire that keeps me thriving.
You’re the reasons behind my coming home; because when I get there I know I won’t be alone.
I’ll travel the miles no matter how far and if I get lost I’ll follow the star…
If I can see you will make me happy, we'll travel the miles from city to city.
But you’re a world apart I can not see; life with out you near isn’t easy.

Inspired by the lonesomeness of the picture


  1. You make my heart felt. Thank you

  2. Hello guys and gales, how are you all doing? I want to say thank you all and your support.

    Thank you and happy New Year to All, Sandra


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