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Friday, January 13, 2012

Sad Day For The Livings

What is a sad day for the livings, the innocent loss and the bad guys win.
He looks at peace but how was he before he died, his love ones are left to cry….
No one has heard or seen anything.... till the Sun rise high in morning.
This is Life in a poor country, nothing is filtered nor rated.
This is how The Corrupted rolls in an Un-regulated country,
Where all the Out-Law roams around on the Killing spree.
Some say “Life is cheap” in the Khmer Country,
But personally,
"Life is not to be tagged…Mountains of diamonds or Oceans of money,
Human life CAN'T be bought although it was given free.
But the Bads, the Cruels will rob a Life from you and me;
They’re the Greed and the Needy…they do things blind and selfishly."
In this ignorant world if I'm granted 3 wishes, I would wish for.....
NOT for Diamonds, Gold, or Money,
But to eliminates the Cruels, the Bads, and the Greedys.
I'll grand the Innocents and Poor with Peace, Harmony, and worries free.
Last thing I'd wish for is, for us to Love and Protect one another for eternity.

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