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Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Lonely Heart

Another cloudy day, my loneliness has comes and gone a way...
Nothing seems to exists but emptiness and nightly pray.
Sitting here thinking of you, thinking of someone I had never knew...
Thinking of someone to love and to share my personal point of views.
Thinking of you makes me crazy but thinking you set my mind free,
And it is you who keeps me wishing, you’re everything that keeps me going.
You’re my Wishing start, I'd travel the miles no matter how far.
Though it maybe only exists in that special few, but I will search the world just to find you.
In a perfect love quest, I’d lay my head down on your chest.
Listening to your heart would jumpstart mine… you’ll be happy and I’ll be fine.
If I can have anything in the world, I’d rather have you instead of gold, diamonds, and pearls
A bit of beauty would be a plus, but I’d prefer a personality over the rest.
I can deal with bad news all day, knowing I’d come home to you would make me Ok.
If I can have anything new, I'd do anything just to have you as my nightly view.
Darling! My compassion, affection and tenderness await you.
We’d snuggle under the moonlight, you’d pull me close and I’d hold you tight.
My feelings all balled up inside, it is awaits you to help me untie.....
But I’m living someone else’s life, its like I stepped outside and nothing is going right.
In a crowded world I’m surrounded by million lives, but there’s not one that can make me smile.
In a room full of others but I’m still feeling all alone, why can’t I have a sweetheart to call my own?
My loneliness long overdue; I’m yearning for love from someone like you.
In a room with all the beauty, but not one that match my personality.
If she hasn’t been born and there’s no one for me please set my mind free.
But if she’s somewhere near, please let her love overcomes my regrets and fears.
Yearning of Falling in-love and growing old, thinking of life with out you my world is going cold.
If I can find you would make me happy but I loss all bets in life, that is my reality.
It is inspired by a request from someone with a lonely heart.

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