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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Is Life A Precious Gift?:

When life a bit too hard, I take a deep breath shakes it off and goes back to a start.
Sometime life makes me crazy, but I love deep and hate free.
I sometime see that life is nothing but easy, and I'm Grateful for the beauty of god’s creativities.
I tried not to be needy, and appreciate the simplicity...
Sometime I give up when I gave a blank stare, although I have much care.
But Life is forever changing; I barely have a grip on anything.
Living life in a complex situation, when in doubt here's what I questioned...
Is romance and love a beautiful bliss? Is it chemistry or is it a gift?
Dose romance truly exists or is it just a myth?
If I kneel down to pray and say “I’m sorry”, will life gets any easy?
Lord, Please!! Come to rescue me, if you can please set my mind free.
Life is like a fast moving curve ball; from day to day I never knew where it might fall.
A complex life that I live, I tried my best to think of it as a precious Gift.
I always have this broader view, but you never appreciate me for the things that I do.
My sincere caring is unnoticed, but can’t you see what I'm dealing with is rarely exists?
And all I want is to be appreciated and praised by you from time to time.
There’s no need to understand, but please listen with your open mind.
Living life is a complex thing to do… that is my experienced and point of view.

Inspired y the complexity of a human mind. We can listen but could never fully understand.

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