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Saturday, August 28, 2010


S E X will only slow down your urge just for a while....
MONEY cured greed for a period of time, greed is back again when it’s gone....
DRUGS can ease away your pain, but tell you lies and fry your brain.…
ALCOHOL will make you a fool, Don’t tilt the bottle, Don’t let it into your veins....
No matter what you do, it won’t wash away your pain…
What you had, was just a Picture that you once paint…
Pictures can be replaced because you are the perfect Frame…
ACCEPT life just how they are, you won't go insane….
With self COMPASSION, you will free your remains.
So, Don’t wear your eyes… Don’t cry in pain… Don’t let tear falls like rain.

This is a story of a man whom I met, once with a broken heart. Everyday he work himself to deaths, drink himself to sleeps, and have many girls…..it seems he do these things to help him forget HER who he loves.
A reminder to those with a broken heart.


  1. I love this one too, you are intelligent to think of all this and to make it make sense in a poem.
    it so true

  2. ha ha ha ha this is true, i've done all that but it aint helping pain at all.

    oh man, you got me there.

    you're good, Nick

  3. Hi Dear
    If i could remember you used to dedicate this poem to ME and Bong Fidel!It funny from that day I never heard he talk about his Hennessy again!Me, i relly worked hard,but it not for forget,NO DEAR!Coz i havent intention to forget you all! my heart never forgot all of YOU,i dying with all your souveninir with me,sweet souvenir :)! i love you all so much!:(

  4. Well!! hello Kon Rus, I am glad to see you came to see me here. lately I've been bussy...

    anyhow, I've missed you and the rest of the cress at KhmerTV but I will try my best to swing by to say hello to the crew.

    miss you & sre khmer always, :) :)

  5. Kon Rus dear! Yes, Fidel's and your day to day life inspried me to write this poem.

    Love always, Sandra :)


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