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Thursday, September 16, 2010


I don’t know LOVE, but this much I know…

Love is joy, Love is pain
Love is a tie that can’t be unchained
Love is a bug that drives you insane
Love will make you cry in pain
Love is how you feel.... It’s a demand from your Heart & Brain.
Once you find love, you’ll never feel the same…
At times you’ll feel trap; like picture that is framed…
Love is a feeling from one to another though you're not the same
And only Love will free your remains...

Inspired by a question about LOVE


  1. nice one, I love it the 2pictures

  2. Hi dear,i m happy to see bong Fide children here :)

  3. Hi Kon Rus, how are you? I miss you and Srey Chnas. Happy New Year
    2013. Oh yes!! say hello to Fidel for me na.


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