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Saturday, August 28, 2010


The Moon shine bright, it lightens up the dark sky… The orange light is the color of the Sun rise… When the Sun rises high, it shows all the hidden surprise… Creatures roam the street, walk the ground on their feet… There’s a hidden Ball that called Earth, it makes up our Universe… There’ll be sad & happy cries, it was a long await surprise… Pain brings Sadness that pushes out the loud cries… Love brings Joy & happiness that you held inside… Joy, sadness, & suffering are a part of life of any BEINGS, but you must survive… So, lets your emotion run wild, and cries till your eyes run dry… What you can’t handle you’ll burst out in tears…. With a bit of twisted surprise you sprinkled charms… But please remember DO NOT bring any harms…. In Life these are your chores, but you hold the key to the open door… Open your heart you’ll see why…there’s light that pierce through the deep dark sky.


  1. ha ha you really know how to bring everyone's thoughts into one place.

    love it and thank you for all the poems that you shares with us.


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Howdy folks! My name is Sandra; I enjoy being the reminder of good and bad times. I wish to help those that are most needed, especially the Malnutrition ones. I know that if our "Helps" don't come today, there might not be a "Tomorrow" for them. Your kindness and support is very important to me, I and those who in need of your help would greatly appreciate your donations. There are organizations listed at the very top of the page, a donation site of your choice. I hope to capture you Heart and Soul by telling true story in a short form, "POEMS" if you will. Please keep in mind that I don't mean to offend anyone and that all my writing is base on Truths, Facts, Child-hood memories, and what will inspire me to write. Thank you for your time, forthcoming respond and understanding, Sandra