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Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Invisible Butterflies

Why am I feeling sad…if there’s no one to upset me or make me mad?
What is the meaning, if I see your face in the myth of the raining cloud?
But there’s always sunshine when I looked south.
All of the mix up emotions…I’m not sure, what it’s all about.
Could it be the so called “Beautiful Mess?”
Will there be a Typhoon or a big Hurricane?
Will it blows me away or cure my emotional pain?
Or will it put me on the South-bound lane?
But if the currents stop to drop me near…will I find you there?
What if it takes me to 27th street, what would you say to greet?
Would you say “Hello” and shake my hand then walk away?
Would you give me a hug and hold me tight, would you ask me to stay?
The “Invisible Butterfly” drives me insane…what will cure this kind of pain?


  1. sounded like someone is falling in-love, you must alot in your mind. i love to come in here to read your beautiful poems.

    I wish the best of luck in love, Dan

  2. Hello there,

    yes, it seems like it, isn't is? :) I guess it comes with the fact of understanding others..... Hmm, what can I say?

    Hey, thank you for your time and I’m very appreciative of your supports.

    thank you, Sandra

  3. Oh thank you - thank you for the crap crap crap stuff.
    Stop wasting our time with your dumb ass crap.

    1. Hey there, Thank you every much for your effort and comments.


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