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Saturday, November 20, 2010

The "LOVE" Of A Caregiver

By NOT eating out just one weekend, Your expense of a weekend meal at a Restaruant can feed and sove lives. Please help feed the poor in any way you can around the World. You can feed this Mother & Child, Father & Chil, OR Sister & Brother.

Last night I woke up to the sound of someone cried.
To my surprised, it was tears that tickled my eyes.
As the image flashes before me I realized, I woke up to my own cried.
The Images replays and thoughts crossed my mind,
it hurts like I was stabbed millions of times.
I look deep into their sad little eyes; I can hear all the hidden cries.
Your hunger will be sooth; only if, the kindness of someone will find you.
In the distance, I can only hope and pray…because mine is too far away.
This is Love from someone new; somehow I hope my love will find you.

Here it is, inspired by the pictures, poverty, your requests and the sadness.
There was a Father and Child with nothing but a drinking gourd.
They roamed the city with their bare feet,
trying to find food and things they may need.
No places to go, they took refuge on the city street.
There they were as they rendered to the quiet night...
Laying there, unaware into the morning light.
In the comfort of loving arms he's asleep and out of harms,
his father's Love was a charm; unaware the father tender cares shows in his arms.

Then, the picture of a Mother and Child looked right at me.
Due to poverty, they fight hunger endlessly.
But "Malnutrition" was the thought that crossed my mind.
My heart aches like I was stabbed millions of times.
If I could, I would trade their life with mine; because being poor is not a crime.
Embraced and caressed, is his mother’s Love at its best.
Although, he's in his mother tender cares... but he needs someone to spear;
If your kindness is on its way... it can ease away their sorrow
Please!! if your kindness don't come today, there might not be "A Tomorrow."

Then I clear my misty eyes, but instead of smile there comes more cries.
There was a sister comforting her brother,
In the absent of their mother and father.
To my assumption she must have said….
“Go to sleep my little brother,”
“As you await for mother and father”
“When you’re awake, there’ll be food to sooth your hunger”
“Yes, I know you do, because I feel the same way too”
“But you must, and try your best; both, you and I need a bit of rest…..”
This is Love from one to another, a tender cares from a Sister to a Brother.  

In the distance, I can only hope and pray…because mine is too far away.
This is Love from someone new; somehow I hope my love will find you.                                                                                                                      


  1. Steve Finnell,

    I will do, thank you dear.

  2. thank you Sandra for a beautiful peom.

    it is sad, Crystal


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